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Tips to Maintain Your Leather Furniture

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There is always second guessing when making a major purchase. Last-minute doubts can fill your head but rest assured, the team at Currier’s Leather Furniture can ease your mind. Buying a new leather sectional, recliner or sofa should never leave you feeling anxious, rather, you should be excited to lounge around on high-end leather furniture.

If you have done your research on leather, you have learned some facts that are just simply untrue. Take a look below on some leather facts and maintenance tips.

Leather Facts

Leather furniture lasts a lifetime – Leather is natural so it actually looks better over time! It’s a purchase that will last a lifetime so you should never worry about paying for something you’ll have to get rid of.

Leather furniture is for everyone – Some consumers believe leather furniture is only for the rich but you can easily purchase high-grade leather at an affordable price. In fact, Currier’s Leather Furniture offers our furniture at 40-60% off AND we are tax free EVERYDAY!

Leather is easy to care for – Every 6-12 months go ahead and wipe the leather furniture with a conditioner. Clean spills with a cloth as they occur and always avoid using traditional cleaning supplies such as detergents and soaps.

Leather Furniture Cleaning Tips

  • For smaller spills, all you need is a sponge or cloth and some lukewarm water. Let this air dry naturally.
  • You can damage natural leather more if you use soap and water. However, for finished or protected leathers a mild soap and water works wonders!
  • Stay away from furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasives, detergents and ammonia water.
  • If you got butter, oil or grease on the furniture, wipe off the excess with a clean dry cloth and then leave the spot alone.

If you’re ready to purchase leather furniture, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture in Hampton Falls, NH.


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Make Your Room Look Modern with Leather Furniture

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Modern rooms are really sparking interest among homeowners. Traditional and vintage are still hits but minimalist designs and solid colors are making a comeback. One of the best ways to create a modern space is through leather furniture. Opt for red, white and black to make your room look as modern as possible.


You’ll want to make sure all of your furniture is sleek, meaning clean lines and sharp angles. Paired with an Ekornes Stressless Recliner, your space will be looking modern in no time. Shades of black, gray and white in combination with one another provide a minimalist tone. The Ekornes Stressless Skyline and Stressless Arion High Back are great choices for a modern appeal.


For a minimalist living room, paint your walls white and complement them with black and red furniture. The red Stressless Metropolitan adds a major pop of color and will have guests talking for a long time. Tie everything together with a circular patterned carpet (black and white works best).

Contact Currier’s Leather Furniture at 603.926.0555 to purchase your leather furniture today. Our furniture is 40-60% off and we are tax free everyday!

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Create an Expensive Looking Guest Room with Leather Furniture

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If you’re trying to spruce up your guest room or you find yourself always entertaining guests, it can be quite difficult finding the perfect look. You can easily create a more luxurious feel without breaking the bank.

Add Leather to Your Bed

A contemporary white leather headboard ties the room together perfectly. You don’t need to have the classic wood headboard, wicker or rod iron. Opt for something a bit more modern like white leather. A standard white, squared headboard will add a little pizazz to the room.


If you already have a leather sofa from Currier’s, you can easily layer this with other textures. Incorporate metals, glass, wood and various textiles to enhance your leather furniture.

Keep the Outdoors Inside

Fresh flowers along the mantel or end tables add an element of sophistication. Paired with a white leather sofa from Currier’s Leather Furniture, guests will never want to leave. Oversized bowls of fruit filled with grapefruits, oranges, lemons and limes also provide some elegance to the room. Use this with a darker leather sofa or chair so guests aren’t overwhelmed with color.


Hanging pictures is always a surefire way to create charm. If you already have black leather furniture in the room then avoid using black frames. Don’t be afraid to hang multiple pictures across a large wall.

Ready to enhance your guest room? If you already have the pictures, flowers and other décor, it’s time to purchase some leather furniture. Give us a call today at 603.926.0555. We offer Ekornes, Bradington Young, Fjords and more!

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Use a Leather Chair to Build an Entertainment Room

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Going to the movie theater is one of the most relaxing and affordable weekend activities. Nothing screams comfort like a plush leather seat. With the advancements in technology, movie theaters are filling the stadiums with x-large recliners so movie-goers can kick out their feet and rest their heads.

An increasing amount of homeowners are now bringing the movie theater to them. If you have the space and a passion for movies, why not fill that room with leather recliners?

Currier’s Leather Furniture offers leather recliners in over one hundred colors. While red, black and gray may be the most popular choices, we can find a color that matches your room perfectly. If you’re seeking a leather recliner with genuine top grain leather and contrast stitching, we have it.

Choose Ekornes for Your In-Home Movie Theater

The Stressless Leather Recliners from Ekornes are one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture on the market. These high-end recliners are not only affordable, but they’re sure to add some glamour to your home. Whichever Stressless version you choose, the recliner will provide unparalleled support.

Select from high and low back editions, multiple color schemes, two seater, three seater or single seater recliners. All of Ekornes renowned products respond to your body’s movement so if you often shuffle in your seat, you’ll still feel comfortable.

Ekornes never compromises style with comfort and at Currier’s we never bother you at the door. Our furniture speaks for itself. Stop into our location at 75 Lafayette Rd in Hampton Falls, NH to test out Ekornes recliners.

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Protecting White Leather Furniture

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White leather sofas can completely transform any room, bringing it from traditional to contemporary. These types of sofas exude sophistication and can act as a focal point. While modern leather sofa comes in an array of colors, nothing says upper class like white leather. The only problem that white leather furniture faces is the ability to hide stains and damage.

Leather reacts negatively to drastic alterations in temperature so it’s critical to keep this furniture out of direct sunlight. Although durable, white leather furniture is prone to fading, peeling and cracking. Spilling beverages seems quite unavoidable so if you find yourself in this dilemma, clean the stain with a small amount of water immediately! If you use too much water, blot the area with a cloth and then air dry. You can always speed up the process with a blow dryer.

Gentle disposable wipes work wonders on your white leather couch and you should always vacuum! Never scrub stains because you can wrinkle the couch which leads to sagging. Clean your leather couch on a weekly basis and use a leather conditioner. Since these conditioners are potent, use these every 6-12 months.

While plastic covers may help to avoid stains on the couch, it can cause moisture which leads to mildew growth.  However, if you notice mildew is already on your couch, consider using a gentle soap.

To learn more about how to protect your white leather furniture, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture at 603.926.0555 or fill out our contact form. We offer leather furniture at 40-60% off every day in tax-free NH!

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Keeping Your Leather Furniture Pet Friendly

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There’s no need to sacrifice the aesthetics of your home because you own a pet. It’s no secret that dogs and cats shed regularly and cause a number of problems in the home. Rather than sending your beloved friend outside to play, homeowners are now decorating with their pets in mind.

When it comes to pet hair and stains, leather is much easier to clean off than other fabrics. In order to properly clean your leather furniture, you’ll want to vacuum the sofa with a brush attachment and dust the leather using a damp cloth. Always keep leather away from fireplaces as the heat can cause the leather to crack.  If you notice tougher stains on your furniture, use a mild soap and water.

Leather is an extremely durable material that can withstand scratches from dogs and cats. Over time, you may see visible scratches but this doesn’t necessarily mean your leather is shredded. It’s important to keep your pet’s nails nice and short! There is always the option of choosing protected leather for your furniture which offers an extra finish.

For more information on how to protect your leather furniture, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture in Hampton Falls NH. We offer a wide range of furniture in Southern NH & the Greater Boston Area including Bradington Young furniture, Ekornes, Fjords and more. Give us a call at 603.926.0555 or fill out our contact form!

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Mixing Wood Finishes in a Room with Leather Furniture

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Leather furniture can be used to create any type of space imaginable; it all depends on how you tie the room together. For those that are seeking a more rustic style, incorporating wood into the mix isn’t a bad idea. Most choose to accent dark leather sofas with funky accent pillows and vibrant window treatments, but you can always tone it down by introducing more wood.

If you have large leather sectional but don’t want the room to have a “library” theme, try using a wooden table to create a luxurious look. For those of you with an already brightly colored wall, introduce your home to an organic wood table. This type of piece will not only complement the leather sofa, but it adds a bit of a Moroccan charm.

Some homeowners are lucky enough to have built-in bookcases in their historical homes. Especially in New Hampshire, many homes have a Victorian charm and come with some type of built-in accessory. However, a wood bookcase with leather furniture (especially browns & blacks) may create a dreary atmosphere. Consider putting a coat of paint on the built-in cabinetry or bookcase to make the room pop.

Take a look below at some of Currier’s leather furniture to start creating ideas for your home!

leather sectional brown leather sofa gray leather sofa


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Decorating Your Home with Brown Leather

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Brown leather is often seen on couches and sofas, adding a luxurious touch to any room. Neutral browns complement a number of hues to create a tranquil environment. Prior to purchasing decorating colors, think about the style of your brown leather furniture along with the home’s structure and color scheme.

Create Contrast

You can create contrast against brown leather furniture if you implement a light wall color. Light colored walls provide a cheery atmosphere. Opt for white, beige or light yellow for a back-drop. Lime green or turquoise may seem eccentric , but they also provide intrigue, especially against brown furniture.

Fabric Window Treatments

Many homeowners use fabric window treatments in a light tan or cream color. Floor-length drapes that are golden yellow, red or a sage green can really spruce up the room. Intensify the room with orange, yellow or green hues to play off the brown leather furniture. It’s actually quite simple to offset dark brown furniture with white window blinds.

Accent Pillows, Accessories & Lighting

Throw pillows in a lively green, blue or white add a fresh tone to the brown leather seating. If you have a dark coffee table in front of your brown sofa, try to tie in some accent pieces such as white candles on a metal tray. Incorporate sepia-tone photos or use a colorful, abstract painting. Table lamps are another way to enhance rustic leather furniture.
When it comes to brown leather furniture, there is a sea of opportunity! Go ahead and paint those walls, add eccentric fabrics to your windows or hang up a vibrant painting. If you’re currently still looking for that perfect leather sofa, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture at 603.926.0555! We provide leather furniture at 40-60% off every day!

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American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sale

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Don’t miss out on some HUGE savings at Currier’s Leather Furniture! The American Leather Comfort Sleeper is on sale until April 5th.

With a Tiffany 24/7 Sleep System, this gorgeous piece of furniture doesn’t sag and provides plenty of support with no bars, no springs and no sagging! Have a narrow entryway? Don’t worry! The Comfort Sleeper converts to fit through tight spaces.

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What Matches with Leather Chairs?

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Leather can somehow squeeze its way into any room in the home, adding contrast and style to really make the room pop. Some looks are timeless while others are edgy and really need to be placed delicately in the room. To get the full effect of your leather chair, take a look at some decorating tips below.

Pillows can drastically change the look of a leather chair, especially if they are light neutrals or colored. Interesting fabric or textured features are perfect for pillows that you’re going to throw down on your leather chair. A coordinating throw works wonders on a leather chair, taking it from a library vibe to a more “hip” feel.

If you have warmer leather, variations of blues highlight the leather chair as well. Keep in mind that vibrant colors play up the natural richness of the leather.  Colors like turquoise, yellow and green rejuvenate those classic pieces. You can completely transform a traditional room into a contemporary space with only a few chic pillows!

If you are looking for leather chairs in Southern NH, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture at 603.926.0555 for more information. We offer leather furniture at 40-60% off, including pieces from Bradington Young , Classic Leather & American Leather.

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