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For over thirty-eight years, Currier’s Leather Furniture has been comparing and ranking leather furniture brands to help you determine the brand choice that’s right for you.

We pride ourselves on researching and finding top leather furniture manufacturers that meet our rigorous standards for quality and value. The brands we offer have consistently proven to be top-performers in the industry. While some of our brands names may not be familiar to you, our research shows they’ve earned an excellent reputation based on quality craftsmanship, hundreds of options for customization and customer satisfaction year after year.

Choosing leather furniture for your home is foremost a personal choice. Key questions to consider may include aspects about your lifestyle, your budget and how long you want your leather furniture to last.

There are many factors to consider when evaluating leather furniture brands. Opinions abound as to which brands are best, but the final decision is yours. We’ve outlined our criteria for how we compare and rank leather furniture manufacturers and also created a Leather Furniture Brand Comparison & Ranking Guide (below) to help you select the leather furniture brand that’s right for you. Please let us now if you find it helpful by sending us a message!


Quality Frame Construction is one of the most critical elements in determining quality and a good predictor of how long your leather furniture will last.

The underlying frame structure supports the seating area, so we recommend hardwood frame construction for sturdiness and longevity, not frames made of pressboard. In addition, high quality 8-Way hand tied construction provides even compression and wear on springs while ensuring your furniture seat cushions remain in tact much longer, without sagging.

Top Grain Leathers are beneficial if you want your leather furniture to last for years to come.

Top grain leathers are graded by imperfections. Higher graded leathers will have very few natural blemishes and scarring. These leathers are not usually treated with a finish, giving them a more natural, soft feeling. They are, however, the most delicate and can scratch, stain and fade more quickly. The lower graded leathers may have increasing amounts of imperfections. Lower grades typically (but not always) include a protective coating for increased durability and to resist staining, scratching and fading longer. The protection also tends to hide any blemishes and scars.

Some leather furniture brands will use good quality leather on the seating and arm areas, but will substitute lower quality bonded leathers in other areas. We only recommend brands that
exclusively use top grain leathers.

Craftsmanship and Detail is another quality factor to consider when evaluating quality.

A true quality leather piece of furniture should match on each and every side, including leather grade and texture and same dye-lot batch for consistent color. Multiple-set collections will show superior consistency from piece to piece.

Unattached, removable seat cushions are superior in quality and save expense when accidents happen. Choice of seating firmness provides customization for a more personally comfortable experience. After several happy years of use, it may become necessary to repair or replace the cushion cores. This is easily done if the cushions are removable, as opposed to permanently attached seating which is nearly impossible to repair, rendering your entire piece useless.

Additional quality details are inherent in high quality design and manufacturing. The best leather furniture manufacturers pride themselves on uncharacteristic attention to detail — from precise, smooth seaming and stitching to the highest quality leather finishes and hardware. High quality leather furniture brands feature hand-made pieces by seasoned crafts people who pride themselves by carrying on the tradition of designing and building pieces you will love for years to come. Look for a multitude of choices in leather quality and finishes, colors, and hardware to personalize your pieces and start your own tradition!

Lowest Quality

Fair Quality

Good Quality

Better Quality

Best Quality

Ashley/Millenium Barcolounger Bernhardt American Leather Bradington-Young
Chateau d’Aux Klaussner-Sealy Elite Fjords by Hjellegjerde Classic Leather
Lane Palliser Flexsteel Leathercraft Hancock & Moore
La-Z-Boy Barcalounger Palliser Horizons Stressless by Ekornes
Natuzzi Pottery Barn/
Mitchell Gold
Futura Restoration Hardware/
Mitchell Gold

✤ Ranking based on leather quality, construction, craftsmanship and value.
✤ Brands Currier’s carries are highlighted in blue.

Leather Furniture Brand


Leather Quality

Attention to Upholstery Details

Bang for Your $Buck$

American Leather 90 90 90 70
Ashley/Millenium 40 40 50 50
Barcolounger 40 50 50 50
Bradington-Young 90 90 80 90
Chateau d Aux 40 60 60 50
Classic Leather 100 95 95 85
Whittemore Sherrill 80 80 80 70
Elite 70 80 80 60
Stressless by Ekornes 90 95 90 70
Fjords by Hjellegjerde 90 95 90 90
Flexsteel 60 70 70 70
Futura 40 40 40 50
Hancock Moore 100 95 95 60
Henredon 60 60 60 60
Klaussner-Sealy 50 50 50 60
Lane 40 50 50 50
La-Z-Boy 40 50 50 50
Leathercraft 85 85 80 60
Mitchell Gold 50 60 60 40
Natuzzi 40 45 60 40
Italian imports (in general) 40 50 60 40
Palliser 60 60 60 70
Palliser Horizons 70 70 70 70
Thomasville 70 70 70 60
Viewpoint 60 60 60 60

✤ 10 = POOR , 50 = AVERAGE , 100 = EXCELLENT.

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Omnia Leather Ekornes Stressless American Leather Bradington Young Fjords Classic Leather