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American Leather Comfort Sleepers

The best selection of American Leather Comfort Sleepers is at Currier’s

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Currier’s Leather Furniture offers the best selection of American Leather Comfort Sleepers. They’re so comfortable, you can sleep on one every night! Come by to touch, feel and try them out yourself — right in our Hampton Falls, NH store.

Sleep sofa styles range from traditional-classic to high-end modern sofa bed designs. They each scale perfectly to fit the most space-challenged settings. An impressive selection of real top-grain leathers or quality upholstery fabrics are sure to enhance your home and your guest’s comfort.

Three luxurious mattress styles all provide a full 80-inch length of sleeping surface –yet they take up less total floor area than conventional sleepers.

Ingeniously designed and expertly engineered, Comfort Sleepers provide years of trouble free service. All styles feature a patented  Tiffany 24/7 Sleep System to ensure the mechanism opens and closes with virtually no effort. The platforms are solid to provide consistent comfortable support with no bars, no springs and no sagging.

All sleepers come with a lifetime warranty. Contact Currier’s Leather Furniture for details.