Frequently Asked Questions

How long does leather furniture last?

You should expect your furniture purchased from Currier’s Leather to have longevity other stores don’t offer. A low-end sofa might cost you less upfront, but even with normal use, you may need to replace it in just a few years.

At Currier’s we often see customers back in our doors after decades. Their sofa set is worn, but in good enough shape that they’ve passed it onto their children and now they are looking to buy something new. Purchasing quality furniture means that you can expect it to last many years.

How does Currier’s make high-quality leather furniture so affordable?
Currier’s prices our leather furniture at 40% – 60% off every day on the majority of our brands. On select brands, we offer the lowest price possible according to manufacturer guidelines. So our customers enjoy the lowest prices possible every day on everything we sell. Plus, we offer additional discounts on floor samples. As a result, you can save hundreds – or even thousands – when compared to other stores. Additionally, since the furniture we sell is built to last, you will save even more money over time. So stop in – you may be surprised at just how affordable our furniture is.
Can I special order and how long will it take?

Yes, you can special order. If we don’t have the perfect color and style combination for your space on our sales floor, then we can put together a special order with you. With over 150 leathers to pick from, and customizable finishes (dependent on style) like nail heads, wood finish, foot style and even stitching, we’re sure to have something that suits all your needs.

Lead times are dependent on the manufacturer and are slowly but surely getting back to normal. Some manufacturers are running as quickly as they were pre-pandemic and others are still taking a few extra months. Your salesperson at Currier’s can help figure out how long your led time would be depending on what you’re interested in.

What color leathers are available?
Color options are up to each individual manufacturer. But there are a lot! In fact, some of our manufacturers have over 150 different color choices including dozens of shades of brown and red alone. And when you add finish choices, the color palate grows even more.
What about leather with pets and kids?
Believe it or not, our high-grade leather furniture is an ideal choice for pets and kids, as it is much more durable than fabric. Many finer quality leathers (like the ones we carry) are treated in the tanning process so that they are protected and easy to clean. If there is a spot or spill, just take a damp cloth and wipe it up.
Is all the furniture you sell made out of real leather?
All our furniture is made of 100% top or full grain leather all the way around. You won’t find a piece of split or bonded furniture anywhere in our store. We are a leather specialty store, but we do have some fabric options from Bradington Young and American Leather. For the most part fabric will be special order only because we don’t carry it as stock.
Do I need to be careful of the sunlight with leather?
Sunlight fades nearly everything. However, we offer “protected” leathers that will not fade as quickly as some “natural” leathers. We can help you select the best leather option based on your home and furniture placement.
Does price always determine furniture quality?

Not always. Many stores overcharge for low-end furniture simply because their customers don’t know the difference. Other stores sell “leather” recliners for $1,100-$1,500 when the only real leather is on the seat – the rest is vinyl. They’ll even tell you in their advertising: “100% leather everywhere you sit!” Tricky, huh?

Currier’s does not play those types of games. We only sell 100% real leather furniture of the highest quality and durability. We make these pieces affordable by discounting them by 40%- 60% every day, or offering them at the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer. So you do not have to decide between true quality and affordability. 

How can you afford to sell these quality pieces at such low prices?

It’s simple. We’re not greedy. Instead of making $600 on an item, we would rather make $200 and sell it five times. Quality leather furniture is our passion, and we love sharing our passion with as many people as possible…even if it means we don’t make as much money per sale. This philosophy has kept us in business since 1982, and it is the reason people from every corner of New England shop here.

Do you ever have sales?

At Currier’s, we don’t believe in offering a 25% or 30% sale once or twice a year. We would rather offer the best discount we can every day of the year. Most brands we carry are 40-60% off unless we are locked into the manufacturer’s pricing.

Typically, a sofa at Currier’s that retails at $5000 would be sold at $2750 any day of the year. You never have to worry if you’ve missed out on a better deal because you didn’t purchase during a sale.

How do you compare to other furniture stores?

We don’t. Stores that carry the same quality leather furniture as Currier’s are much higher in price. Stores that have prices like ours usually carry lower quality furniture. Don’t compare us to other stores. Compare them to us.

Why can't I order online?

We want you to be comfortable with your leather furniture purchase. Coming to our showroom and experiencing the many selections we have allows for a personal shopping experience that you can’t receive by purchasing online.