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Make Your Room Look Modern with Leather Furniture


Modern rooms are really sparking interest among homeowners. Traditional and vintage are still hits but minimalist designs and solid colors are making a comeback. One of the best ways to create a modern space is through leather furniture. Opt for red, white and black to make your room look as modern as possible.


You’ll want to make sure all of your furniture is sleek, meaning clean lines and sharp angles. Paired with an Ekornes Stressless Recliner, your space will be looking modern in no time. Shades of black, gray and white in combination with one another provide a minimalist tone. The Ekornes Stressless Skyline and Stressless Arion High Back are great choices for a modern appeal.


For a minimalist living room, paint your walls white and complement them with black and red furniture. The red Stressless Metropolitan adds a major pop of color and will have guests talking for a long time. Tie everything together with a circular patterned carpet (black and white works best).

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Mixing Wood Finishes in a Room with Leather Furniture


Leather furniture can be used to create any type of space imaginable; it all depends on how you tie the room together. For those that are seeking a more rustic style, incorporating wood into the mix isn’t a bad idea. Most choose to accent dark leather sofas with funky accent pillows and vibrant window treatments, but you can always tone it down by introducing more wood.

If you have large leather sectional but don’t want the room to have a “library” theme, try using a wooden table to create a luxurious look. For those of you with an already brightly colored wall, introduce your home to an organic wood table. This type of piece will not only complement the leather sofa, but it adds a bit of a Moroccan charm.

Some homeowners are lucky enough to have built-in bookcases in their historical homes. Especially in New Hampshire, many homes have a Victorian charm and come with some type of built-in accessory. However, a wood bookcase with leather furniture (especially browns & blacks) may create a dreary atmosphere. Consider putting a coat of paint on the built-in cabinetry or bookcase to make the room pop.

Take a look below at some of Currier’s leather furniture to start creating ideas for your home!

leather sectional brown leather sofa gray leather sofa


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