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Telling the Difference Between High-Quality Leather & Cheap Leather Furniture

Leather furniture can make any room look completely timeless but if you purchase low-grade leather, you might be in trouble. In order to decipher whether the leather is real or not, check to see if there are several pieces of leather stitched together or if you’re looking at a single piece of leather. If you see a large sofa with one single piece of leather, odds are it’s fake.

Oddly enough, you can determine if leather is genuine by the texture and smell. Real leather is soft and it typically has a distinct aroma which is actually quite pleasant. On the other hand, faux leather can emit a chemical scent.

When you can’t see different variations on genuine leather, it’s probably fake. To be absolutely positive, look at the reverse side to see if the leather is unfinished. Genuine leather has no color on the back and is usually rougher on the bottom.

You could be shopping and see several signs that read, ‘cow hide leather,’ ‘genuine leather,’ 100% leather,’ or ‘bonded leather.’ However, this really doesn’t indicate that you’re actually looking at high-quality leather. Smooth edges will indicate faux leather as well as a repetitive even pattern.

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