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Tips to Maintain Your Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture Care

There is always second guessing when making a major purchase. Last-minute doubts can fill your head but rest assured, the team at Currier’s Leather Furniture can ease your mind. Buying a new leather sectional, recliner or sofa should never leave you feeling anxious, rather, you should be excited to lounge around on high-end leather furniture.

If you have done your research on leather, you have learned some facts that are just simply untrue. Take a look below on some leather facts and maintenance tips.

Leather Facts

Leather furniture lasts a lifetime – Leather is natural so it actually looks better over time! It’s a purchase that will last a lifetime so you should never worry about paying for something you’ll have to get rid of.

Leather furniture is for everyone – Some consumers believe leather furniture is only for the rich but you can easily purchase high-grade leather at an affordable price. In fact, Currier’s Leather Furniture offers our furniture at 40-60% off AND we are tax free EVERYDAY!

Leather is easy to care for – Every 6-12 months go ahead and wipe the leather furniture with a conditioner. Clean spills with a cloth as they occur and always avoid using traditional cleaning supplies such as detergents and soaps.

Leather Furniture Cleaning Tips

  • For smaller spills, all you need is a sponge or cloth and some lukewarm water. Let this air dry naturally.
  • You can damage natural leather more if you use soap and water. However, for finished or protected leathers a mild soap and water works wonders!
  • Stay away from furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasives, detergents and ammonia water.
  • If you got butter, oil or grease on the furniture, wipe off the excess with a clean dry cloth and then leave the spot alone.

If you’re ready to purchase leather furniture, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture in Hampton Falls, NH.