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People Come From All Over New England to Shop at Currier’s

How far would you drive for real leather furniture and high-quality comfort? Currier’s is New England’s home for quality, real leather furniture. Whether you’re from Rhode Island, Maine, or right down the street in tax-free New Hampshire, we welcome you to experience the ultimate in leather comfort from some of the world’s top brands. With nearly 500 pieces available in our showroom at any given time, you can bring your new leather furniture home the very same day. Plus, you can enjoy an additional savings on top of our standard 40% – 60% discount on most showroom pieces.


Who is Currier’s Leather Furniture?

Currier’s has been a family-owned staple in Hampton Falls, NH since 1982. After four decades in business, we still provide the best place for quality leather furniture in New England. We offer friendly service from our experienced sales team. Our employees are not commission based, providing our customers with a stress-free shopping experience.


What Type of Leather Furniture Do We Carry?

A better question might be what don’t we carry. Our showroom is full of excellent leather furniture including:
• Sofas
• Loveseats
• Sectionals
• Sleepers
• Chairs
• Recliners
• And more!

When you’re looking for the top brand names in real leather furniture, we’re here to help. We even have a variety of accessories to make sure you get just what you need.

Enjoy lower prices and the ability to take your furniture home the very same day when you shop with us! You won’t have to wait weeks or even months to enjoy your new furniture. Even if you don’t find the exact color you want, we can special order your real leather furniture.


Why Choose Real Leather Furniture?

Maybe there’s a furniture store close to you, but they don’t carry real leather furniture. Once you discover the many benefits of real leather furniture, you’ll see why Currier’s is worth the trip.

Some of the common benefits associated with leather furniture include:
• Higher in Quality – Leather is known as a premier product and offers a classic feel, look, and style.
• Durability – 100% real leather furniture will last longer and offers durability you cannot get from fabric.
• Very Comfortable – Most people will find leather furniture to be far more comfortable compared to synthetic coverings.
• Resistance to Liquid – You won’t have to worry about spills nearly as much with a leather couch compared to a fabric couch.


There are many advantages to real leather furniture. These are just a few of the benefits that might have you driving to our showroom in Hampton Falls. Let us help you find the right furniture for you, no matter how far you drove to get to us.