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Using Ekornes Leather Furniture to Enhance Your Home’s Modern Style

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When people discuss modern design they typically think about clean lines, sharp edges and a minimal use of accessories. In most cases, comfort is looked over. However, look at modern styles from a different perspective and you’ll soon realize that your home can still appear modern while also being comfortable.

The first step is truly realizing what modern home design is. Surprisingly, it’s not about recent trends, rather, modern designs describe the period between the 1920s and 1950s. Modern designs are actually quite timeless and help to eliminate clutter. With clutter being a non-issue, you can live in a more soothing and tranquil environment.

Since modern furniture is tailored and generally sleek, you’ll find yourself with much more space. The Stressless Recliners at Ekornes come with comfort technologies such as the Plus-system, letting the furniture move with your body. Vivid colors also give off a more modern tone and Ekornes has an assortment of furniture with bold colors.

Purchase Your Ekornes Stressless at Currier’s Leather Furniture

If you reside in Southern New Hampshire or the surrounding area, stop into Currier’s Leather Furniture. We are located in Hampton Falls, NH and offer a wide selection of Ekornes leather furniture. Take a look at the special ending on October 24th!

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Making Your Home Mid-Century Modern

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Transitioning your home from traditional or rustic into a more mid-century modern appeal is easy when you invest in high-quality leather furniture. Leather furniture that hugged the body, used clean lines or had metal where wood was normally placed was once the major focus of Ekornes Stressless furniture. Some of these characteristics are still used today by Ekornes, making for the perfect mid-century modern furniture.

The Stressless Metro is a great example of sleek lines with a metal base. Incorporating this beautiful piece of leather furniture into your home will add that mid-century modern appeal. Other options to consider are the Stressless City chair and the Stressless Sunrise Signature chair.

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Whether you want your entire home to look mid-century modern or just one room, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture. We provide Ekornes Stressless Recliners to Southern NH and the surrounding areas. The delivery company we work with is the best in the area, ensuring that your furniture arrives to your home quickly and in perfect condition. Stop into our showroom today, located at 75 Lafayette Road in Hampton Falls, NH.

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Telling the Difference Between High-Quality Leather & Cheap Leather Furniture

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red ekornes reclinerLeather furniture can make any room look completely timeless but if you purchase low-grade leather, you might be in trouble. In order to decipher whether the leather is real or not, check to see if there are several pieces of leather stitched together or if you’re looking at a single piece of leather. If you see a large sofa with one single piece of leather, odds are it’s fake.

Oddly enough, you can determine if leather is genuine by the texture and smell. Real leather is soft and it typically has a distinct aroma which is actually quite pleasant. On the other hand, faux leather can emit a chemical scent.

When you can’t see different variations on genuine leather, it’s probably fake. To be absolutely positive, look at the reverse side to see if the leather is unfinished. Genuine leather has no color on the back and is usually rougher on the bottom.

You could be shopping and see several signs that read, ‘cow hide leather,’ ‘genuine leather,’ 100% leather,’ or ‘bonded leather.’ However, this really doesn’t indicate that you’re actually looking at high-quality leather. Smooth edges will indicate faux leather as well as a repetitive even pattern.

Purchase High-Quality Leather at Currier’s Leather Furniture

If high-quality leather is what you seek, come into Currier’s Leather Furniture. We have a wide selection of leather furniture from the best brands in the industry including Ekornes, American Leather, Bradington Young, Classic Leather and more.

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Benefits of Ekornes Stressless Recliners

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ekornes reclinerThere are so many leather recliners on the market ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, making it extremely difficult to choose. For some it may seem like a no-brainer to choose the cheapest option but you’ll end up spending more in the long run. Ekornes Stressless Recliners are not only affordable but they provide maximum comfort and consumers can choose from various colors.

Using only the finest woods, textiles and leather finishes, this Scandinavian brand surely beats out the competition. There are several Stressless options to choose from including Glide®, Plus®, and ErgoAdapt™ systems. When you invest in the Glide®, you can set the wheels to adjust to your body weight so you can have the most comfortable seating position imaginable. The Plus® adjusts to your head, neck and lumbar while the ErgoAdapt™ responds to your body’s natural movement.

Stop into Currier’s Leather Furniture in Hampton Falls, NH to test out Ekornes Stressless Recliners. Our staff will answer all questions and if we don’t have the leather recliner your looking for, we’ll gladly order it for you. Feel free to call us at 603.926.0555, fill out our contact form or come to our showroom at 75 Lafayette Rd.

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