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Pets & Fine Leather Furniture

Pets and Leather Furniture

One question we’re always asked is whether a new Currier’s Leather sofa or chair is compatible with pets. Our answer is an emphatic “YES!”

When it comes to furniture materials, 100% fine leather sofas and chairs – the only kind we sell at Currier’s Leather – are among the most durable pet-friendly furniture choices available. High quality grain leather is very sturdy and much less likely to crack or tear so it is the most pet friendly leather. In addition, adding a protective finish to your leather sofas and chairs provides additional long-term durability.

In fact, the durability of 100% real leather furniture with pets is actually one of its many selling points. Unlike fabric, real leather furniture does not attract pet hair and dander, and it’s much easier to clean too. A simple wipe with a damp cloth or sponge usually can get rid of most pet related stains, and real leather furniture is significantly more resistant to pet odor. It should be noted that even the toughest leather will eventually be marked by persistent scratching by a pet. If your pet often scratches at things, pigmented leathers are a good choice to resist scuffs and scratches. Thanks to the polymer surface coating applied during production, this leather has a protective layer over the hide, making it harder for pets to mark.

However, while 100% real  leather furniture is very durable at standing up pets, cheaper leathers such as coated, laminated and bonded leather (which are not a solid piece of leather but rather a thin piece of leather attached  to a non-leather backing) fare very poorly against pets. As a result, these types of “leather” often split, tear, crack and more easily mark when faced with continuous exposure to pet claws. As such, they are not recommended if you have a pet or are thinking of getting one in the future. Currier’s Leather does not sell this type of poor quality leather furniture.

In real terms, your leather furniture faces about as much risk as the rest of the furniture in the home. While there is always the possibility that your cat views the side of your leather sofa as a scratching post, or your dog takes a shine to chewing on the cushions, there are a number of ways to pet proof your leather.

Obviously, the two biggest culprits when it comes to leather sofa and chair damage from pets are nail marks and dander. Fortunately, both risks easily are rectified with regular grooming. Keep pet claws trimmed and filed to avoid claw marks, and weekly brushings can help keep your leather furniture spotless. In addition, cat lovers should have a well-positioned scratching post nearby to entertain Kitty.

For removing pet hair and dander, a simple vacuuming or going over your leather furniture with a lint roller usually does the trick.  Be sure to clean the entire piece of furniture, including between the cushions and underneath. Another handy tip is to wipe a fabric softener sheet over the surface of your furniture, as this will reduce the static and make your furniture less of a magnet for pet dander and hairs. However, be sure to test this out on a non-visible part first to ensure your leather won’t react badly.

Should your pet have an “accident” on your leather sofa or chair, simply blot it up with a dry cloth and then finish off with a clean, damp rag or sponge. While soaks are uncommon with high-quality leather, enzymatic cleaners can be used for deeper cleans in the event of a stain or odor. Again, you need to make sure that the cleaner is safe for use on the type leather covering you have, so be sure to test it on a hidden part of your furniture first.

With just a little care and maintenance, your Currier’s Leather furniture will provide you and your pet with years of comfortable, worry-free ownership. With hundreds of options – and literally thousands of leather colors and finishes – Currier’s has your perfect, pet-friendly leather furniture right here at 40% – 60% off every day.