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Stress-Free Furniture Shopping Made Easy

Stress-Free Zone at Currier's Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing. Yet shopping at many furniture stores can be far from it. With high-pressure sales tactics, deceiving signage, fake “sales” every week and commissioned sales representatives that seem for follow your every move, it can seem like you’re shopping for a  used car rather than a piece of fine furniture. Currier’s Leather Furniture does not do any of this!

At Currier’s, we pride ourselves on offering you a completely, 100% stress-free furniture shopping experience. Our sales team is comprised entirely of salaried leather furniture experts – not commissioned sales representatives who are only interested in making a sale. No one will harass you at the door. Nobody will follow you around the showroom. You can take as long as you like and browse at your own pace – in a showroom designed for comfortable exploration.  If you need help or have a question, just ask. Our staff of experienced leather furniture professionals is always ready to help.

Currier’s also never plays the “deception game” in regards to our leather furniture. We only sell quality, 100% real leather furniture.  We never sell coated or laminated split leather (which basically is a paper-thin piece of leather attached to a plastic sheet) or bonded leather (which is small scraps of leather “ground together” with other materials to make a single sheet, much like particleboard). These types of leather are not 100% leather and are of much lower quality. Despite this, many furniture stores will still market these types of ”leather” as “genuine leather.” Or, they will sell an item as containing 100% real leather, when only the seat is full, real leather – the rest is plastic or some type of cheap leather/plastic hybrid.  Since Currier’s only sells 100% real leather furniture, you always can shop here with 100% confidence.

Also, don’t be fooled by a “Huge Furniture Sale.” This is simply a store marking their items down from their usual high prices. They *could* sell their furniture at these “sale” prices all year long, but they’d rather have you believe that you are getting an incredible price at that time and simply “overcharge” you the rest of the year.  Currier’s Leather Furniture does not have sales. Our fine leather furniture is priced at 40% – 60% off every day – with additional savings on floor models. We’d rather make $200 on a leather sofa and sell five of them than make $1,000 on one.  So when you shop at Currier’s Leather Furniture, there’s never a need to worry about price – you always get our best possible price on fine leather furniture.

However, while Currier’s offers a stress-free shopping experience, we understand that trying to find the perfect piece of leather furniture could cause some trepidation. Here’s some tips that can make shopping for leather furniture a little easier:

Measure and Sketch Your Room or Space
The most important information to have when going to any furniture store is the size of the room or space that you want to furnish. Knowing the overall room dimensions (measuring wall-to-wall both the length and width of the room) can help ensure that your new leather furniture fits comfortably within the space.

Some shoppers also find it helpful to draw a simple sketch of the room noting the dimensions and marking where the existing furniture, accessories, doors and windows, are located. Don’t stress about making it perfect (we’re stress-free, remember?). With so many parents working here, our leather furniture team are experts at deciphering even the most basic drawings.

Take Pictures
Taking pictures of the room and its existing pieces can provide more details about lighting, colors, and walk flow. Simply describing color can be troublesome – what you may perceive as “cool grey” may be termed “light blue” by others. In addition, having pictures of existing furniture can help your Currier’s Leather consultant get a sense of your style.

Know Your Desired Look and Purpose of Your New Leather Furniture
What style of leather furniture do you like and what will its purpose be? Are you looking for a relaxing space to watch TV and moves, or maybe it’s a centerpiece for a formal living room? Having an understanding of the style you like – and how you plan to use each – piece makes it easier to suit your furniture to your needs.

Color Scheme
With which colors would you like to be surrounded? With literally thousands of leather colors and finishes available at Currier’s, we can match your leather furniture to suit any mood and environment.  We’ll even provide you with pictures, measurements and leather samples to ensure you are getting everything you want.

Take It Home
Can’t decide? Your Currier’s Leather team is always ready to help. We can provide pictures, measurements and leather samples to ensure you are getting everything you want. We love quality leather furniture and keeping our customers happy. We look forward to sharing that passion with you.