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What Matches with Leather Chairs?

Leather can somehow squeeze its way into any room in the home, adding contrast and style to really make the room pop. Some looks are timeless while others are edgy and really need to be placed delicately in the room. To get the full effect of your leather chair, take a look at some decorating tips below.

Pillows can drastically change the look of a leather chair, especially if they are light neutrals or colored. Interesting fabric or textured features are perfect for pillows that you’re going to throw down on your leather chair. A coordinating throw works wonders on a leather chair, taking it from a library vibe to a more “hip” feel.

If you have warmer leather, variations of blues highlight the leather chair as well. Keep in mind that vibrant colors play up the natural richness of the leather.  Colors like turquoise, yellow and green rejuvenate those classic pieces. You can completely transform a traditional room into a contemporary space with only a few chic pillows!

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