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Popular Colors for Leather Furniture

Choosing leather furniture for your home can be an exciting process but sometimes selecting the color can seem daunting. Let’s take a look at some colors that always suit a leather couch.


Looking for a timeless piece? A white sofa is classic and you have the luxury of choosing whichever accessories suits the mood of the room.

Cream & Tan

Another classic – cream – can be paired with black, navy, red or gray. Tan is another warm neutral tone that can be played up with fall colors and also looks gorgeous with black.


While gray took over in popularity, pushing brown to the side, brown is still a terrific neutral building block.

Stone & Gray

Beautiful with warm wood tones, light gray offers a good backdrop for items with a bit of color. If you are looking for a darker gray for your leather furniture, try incorporating jewel tones and black. Gray has much popularity, making it a very strong design.

Leather furniture is offered in a number of colors, all of which look stunning. Reds create a vintage inspired look and greens are ideal for a more natural feel. Contact the experts at Currier’s Leather Furniture for Bradington Young, Classic Leather, American Leather, Ekornes, and more.

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