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Advantages of Real Leather Furniture

100% Real Leather Furniture - Currier's Leather Hampton NH

There’s nothing quite like the scent and feel of a 100% real leather sofa or arm chair.  Leather furniture is luxurious, gorgeous, remarkably durable, and like a fine wine, quality leather furniture actually improves with age. So you’ll be able to enjoy your leather furniture long beyond the time you would have had to replace worn or outdated fabric-upholstered furniture. In addition, leather offers a timeless look that fits with nearly any style of home décor. But for those who need more convincing, here are some other key advantages of Currier’s 100% real leather furniture:


When it comes to 100% real leather furniture – the only kind we carry at Currier’s – it’s associated with top-of-the-line, premier products. Nothing looks as classy, or as classic, as real leather. Our leather furniture brands are constructed from the finest woods, hardware and materials by true master craftspeople. In addition, modern tanning processes make leather very resistant to cracking, peeling or sagging. You can rest assured that every piece of furniture you buy at Currier’s is truly exceptional.


As fabric-upholstered furniture ages, it tends to appear tired, faded and worn. It also loses its shape as the fabric stretches. But leather furniture is different. Because of its unique natural fibers and qualities, leather actually gets softer and more supple as it ages. So instead of looking worn out, it tends to look even more inviting. In addition, unlike many synthetic coverings, leather breathes. That means it dissipates heat and cold quickly, so no matter the weather, it is comfortable for sitting. It also absorbs and releases moisture, so it feels less sticky than materials like vinyl or plastic-based imitations.


Experts estimate that a leather sofa can last up to four times longer than a fabric couch. Leather is tough but flexible, meaning it naturally resists punctures and tears. Because of its natural properties, it remains strong even around seams. It also is resistant to spills and dirt. Most of the time leather furniture can be cleaned merely by wiping it with a damp cloth, which brings us to its next advantage.

Liquid Resistance.

If you spill a glass of wine on a fabric couch, you’ll have a difficult time cleaning it. You may be able to absorb some of the liquid with a towel, and get even more of it out with a wet/dry vacuum and furniture cleaner. But no matter how quickly you respond to the problem, or which cleaning methods you use, you’re almost guaranteed to be unable to get it out completely. By contrast, leather is extremely resistant to liquids; the surface of the furniture can repel most liquids – including wine –  allowing you to wipe it up easily with no long-term damage.


When leather is dyed, the color is absorbed into the material so it doesn’t fade. Since the dye penetrates the leather, areas with scuffs and wear are better able to retain their color and strength. In addition, leather’s timeless nature means that it can accommodate any changes in your decor or interior design. Plus, since leather is made from animal hides, each covering is unique with natural markings, grain and even blemishes, adding a distinct character to every piece.


Allergy sufferers often do better with real leather furniture because leather doesn’t harbor dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens as easily as fabric. Conversely, fabric couches and chairs tend to “lock in” allergenic materials, making it difficult to create a comfortable environment for those who suffer severe allergies.


Plain and simple, real leather is very easy to clean. It typically requires only a light dusting or rub down a few times a year, whereas fabric needs to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. As a result, 100% real leather is durable and can last for decades if cared for properly. However, while leather doesn’t require constant attention, it should be conditioned (per the manufacturer’s recommendation) to provide more protection against cracks and splits.


At this point, you might be thinking that the only disadvantage of leather furniture is its higher cost. While it is true that, in some cases, you will spend more to buy a 100% real leather sofa or chair, keep in mind that it is likely to last much longer than the same piece of furniture with a fabric cover. As a result, over its lifetime, a Currier’s 100% real leather sofa or chair is likely to be a much better value over time. In fact, our 100% real leather sofas are designed to last 25 years or more, and are often handed down to the next generation. A typical fabric sofa would have to be replaced four times to enjoy the same longevity of a single sofa from Currier’s.

Best of all, with savings of 40% – 60% off every day on most of our brands, you may actually spend the same – or even less – on a high-quality, 100% leather furniture piece at Currier’s than a comparable fabric-upholstered piece from another store.

Visit Currier’s Leather today, and experience all the benefits of 100% quality, real leather furniture for yourself.