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Decorating Your Home with Brown Leather

Brown leather is often seen on couches and sofas, adding a luxurious touch to any room. Neutral browns complement a number of hues to create a tranquil environment. Prior to purchasing decorating colors, think about the style of your brown leather furniture along with the home’s structure and color scheme.

Create Contrast

You can create contrast against brown leather furniture if you implement a light wall color. Light colored walls provide a cheery atmosphere. Opt for white, beige or light yellow for a back-drop. Lime green or turquoise may seem eccentric , but they also provide intrigue, especially against brown furniture.

Fabric Window Treatments

Many homeowners use fabric window treatments in a light tan or cream color. Floor-length drapes that are golden yellow, red or a sage green can really spruce up the room. Intensify the room with orange, yellow or green hues to play off the brown leather furniture. It’s actually quite simple to offset dark brown furniture with white window blinds.

Accent Pillows, Accessories & Lighting

Throw pillows in a lively green, blue or white add a fresh tone to the brown leather seating. If you have a dark coffee table in front of your brown sofa, try to tie in some accent pieces such as white candles on a metal tray. Incorporate sepia-tone photos or use a colorful, abstract painting. Table lamps are another way to enhance rustic leather furniture.
When it comes to brown leather furniture, there is a sea of opportunity! Go ahead and paint those walls, add eccentric fabrics to your windows or hang up a vibrant painting. If you’re currently still looking for that perfect leather sofa, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture at 603.926.0555! We provide leather furniture at 40-60% off every day!