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Our Service Area

Our Service Area

Serving our local communities in Southern Maine, Seacoast New Hampshire, Northshore Massachusetts and the New England Region. Many of our customers visit us from Atkinson, Bedford, Brentwood, Dover, Durham, Exeter, Epping, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kingston, Nashua, Newcastle, Rye, Seabrook and Salisbury.

If you’re ready to purchase new leather furniture for your Seabrook NH home, call Currier’s Leather Furniture at 603.926.0555.

Leather Furniture Near Epping NH

epping new hampshireLocated in Hampton Falls NH, Currier’s Leather Furniture is only a quick trip away from Epping. While residents in Epping have plenty of options when it comes to furniture, nothing beats the options and prices at Currier’s. Every day we offer high-end leather furniture at 40-60% off and 5% off selected floor samples.

Whether you are looking for Bradington Young, American Leather, Ekornes or Fjordes, Currier’s Leather Furniture has a slew of options. We provide leather chairs, leather ottomans, leather sectionals, leather sofas and more. If you need a particular color, we have an array of options to meet your needs. Our expert staff will sit down and discuss the various leather qualities as well as how to get the most bang for your buck.

If you are looking to spruce up your Epping home or office, Currier’s Leather Furniture is here to assist. Give us a call today at 603.926.0555 for leather furniture near Epping NH.

Leather Furniture Near Durham, NH

durham nhCurrier’s Leather Furniture proudly offers residents of Durham, NH with high-quality leather furniture. Unlike other retailers, we provide the top names in leather at 40-60% off every day, and in New Hampshire, we never tax. Why purchase cheap leather furniture when you can have the best brands at an affordable price?

From leather ottomans of various colors to gorgeous leather Ekornes recliners, we have it all. If you need a leather sectional for your living room in Durham, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture. We have a large selection of furniture to choose from with hundreds of colors available. Our team understands the importance of maintaining comfort while still managing to have an aesthetically beautiful room. We make sure to discuss every option while staying in your budget.

For more information about our leather furniture near Durham NH, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture at 603.926.0555 or fill out our contact form.


Leather Furniture Near Dover NH

Fall in Dover NHDover is a flourishing area in New Hampshire with thriving businesses and superb school systems. Dover boasts some of the most gorgeous recreational areas in New Hampshire along with premier medical institutions. Hidden between the ocean and mountains, Dover is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable towns in New England.

Currier’s Leather Furniture has been delivering high-quality furniture to Dover NH since 1982 and our team has been building close relationships with the residents. Our attention to detail, honesty and value for customer satisfaction brings our customers back for all their furniture needs. Whether you’re looking for a modern look or a traditional style, we have something for everyone. From tans and greens to red hues and blue undertones, Currier’s carries a wide selection of leather furniture.

Unlike other furniture companies, our salesmen don’t work off commission so you won’t see us pressuring you at the door. We encourage our customers to browse our showroom for as long as they need and we are readily available to answer any and all questions.

If you reside in Dover NH and are interested in a leather sofa, ottoman, sectional, chair or bar stool, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture. Take a look at our selection online or come into the store and test out our furniture!


Leather Furniture Near Brentwood NH

brentwood nhBrentwood is a breathtaking area in Southern NH filled with a vast amount of scenery and wildlife. Visitors flock to this location in the summer to enjoy hiking trails, tranquil lakes and outdoor excursions. When residents and visitors want to unwind after a long day of activities, a comfortable sofa is crucial. Currier’s Leather Furniture has been providing leather furniture to the area of Brentwood since 1982 and we have built long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Our showroom features over 400 leather furniture pieces from ottomans and chairs to sofas and recliners. We can also custom order leather furniture to meet your specifications including brands from Bradington Young, American Leather, Fjords, Ekornes and more. Rather than overspending at another furniture store, stop into Currier’s where you’ll receive high-quality leather at 40-60% off!

Everyday is tax free in New Hampshire so you never have to overspend on quality. Our team’s priority is customer satisfaction which means we are always ready to answer any questions and provide our honest feedback. Whether you’re seeking a modern piece or a contemporary look, we can find furniture that fits your style.

For more information on our leather sofas, loveseats, ottomans, recliners and chairs, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture at 603.926.0555.


Leather Furniture Near Bedford NH

map of bedford nh

Photo Credit: townmapusa.com

Near Hillsborough County, Bedford NH is a breathtaking town filled with scenic views, booming businesses and neighborhoods with curb appeal. With a slew of new and exciting outdoor activities, Bedford has truly become one of the most thriving towns in New Hampshire.

The team at Currier’s Leather Furniture is proud to be providing our high-end leather furniture to the town of Bedford. When homeowners in Bedford are looking to spruce up their living room, family room, sunroom or even their kitchen, they contact Currier’s Leather Furniture. We offer a wide-selection of furniture nearcluding sofas, sleep sofas, chair, sectionals and even bar stools for your kitchen island.

Rather than burning a hole through your wallet, stop into our showroom and experience luxury leather furniture at 40-60% off everyday. We carry everything from Bradington Young, Ekornes, American Leather and Classic Leather. Our experienced team can help you find furniture that fits your budget without compromising the quality of leather. We have thorough knowledge with all brands and will find something to match your style.

If you are interested in leather furniture at 40-60% off, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture at 603.926.0555 for more information.


Leather Furniture Near Atkinson NH

Atkinson NHSituated in Rockingham County NH, Atkinson is a quaint bedroom community featuring historic buildings and picturesque byways. Homeowners in Atkinson take pride in their homes’ appearance, not just the exterior but the interior of the home as well. When it comes to matching functionality with lavish décor and upscale renovations, the homes in Atkinson have it all.

When residents are searching for comfortable leather furniture to boost aesthetics in their home, they contact Currier’s Leather Furniture. Not only do we eliminate taxes in New Hampshire, but all of our furniture is offered at 40-60% off!

We offer the most trusted names in the industry, all of which last for years and exceed expectations. Our selection ranges from Bradington Young to Ekornes to Fjords to Classic Leather. Regardless of your budget, we make sure to deliver furniture that not only meets your budget but is eye-catching as well. If your home has a modern edge, we recommend the Ekornes Recliner which is featured in hundreds of colors. For a more rustic look, sit back in a Bradington Young sectional (also offered in hundreds of colors).

At Currier’s our pricing is simple; we set a minimum price rather than the MSRP. We also sell the minimum price allowed by Ekornes so you can purchase one of the best brands in leather without feeling stressed about cost. Ready to purchase leather furniture for your Atkinson home? Call Currier’s Leather Furniture at 603.926.0555.


Leather Furniture Near Exeter NH

exeter new hampshire Located in Rockingham County, Exeter NH is an affluent area featuring many amenities. With multiple lodging areas, chic hotels and quaint B&B’s, this is the perfect place for visitors to get a taste of New England. When it comes to Exeter residents, homeowners take great pride in their place of residence and are constantly making adjustments to maintain curb appeal.

Currier’s Leather Furniture has been assisting in the transformation of Exeter homes by providing fine leather furniture at affordable prices. For over 32 years, we have been bringing quality leather furniture at 40-60% off to New Hampshire residents. Whether you need a leather chair, leather sleep sofa or leather sectional, our team strives to present you with the most comfortable furniture while still maintaining your budget.

If you’re looking to spruce up your Exeter home, we encourage you to stop into our showroom and explore our large selection of leather furniture. At Currier’s Leather Furniture, we don’t limit you to just a few brands. Rather, our team provides high-quality brands such as Bradington Young, Ekornes, Fjordes and many more!

Give us a call today at 603.926.0555 to start choosing furniture for your Exeter NH home.

Leather furniture near Hampton Falls NH

Hampton Falls NHHampton Falls is a beautiful area in New Hampshire filled with a slew of amenities. Currier’s Leather Furniture is proud to be offering our leather furniture to the residents of Hampton Falls. For over 32 years, we have been providing fine leather sofas, chairs, sectionals and more to this dynamic area.

With the constant home upgrades and need for new furniture, Currier’s Leather has made sure to offer high-quality furniture at affordable prices. We have a wide selection of Bradington Young ottomans and matching sofas along with Classic Leather sectionals, chairs and sofas. Regardless of the type of furniture you may need or the color, we have something for everyone.

Every day we offer 40-60% off our furniture and no sales tax. Our mission is to provide high-end furniture at affordable prices. We guarantee to beat the competition! Give us a call today at 603. 926.0555 for fine leather furniture near Hampton Falls, NH.


Leather Furniture Near Kingston NH

Kingston_NHHome to Kingston State Park and the annual Kingston Day Celebration which ties the community together through family activities, Kingston NH is truly an extraordinary place to live. Currier’s Leather Furniture is honored to be showcasing our leather furniture to the residents of Kingston.

With over 32 years selling leather furniture, including brands such as Ekornes, Yorba, Donnelly and Braxton, Currier’s Leather Furniture has built a reputation based on customer satisfaction and quality service. To ensure our customers are getting the best possible prices, we take 40-60% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (depending on the brand) and an additional 5% off selected floor samples.

Unlike other furniture stores, we encourage you to browse the competition because we are completely confident that Currier’s Leather Furniture offers the best prices around. From ottomans and bar stools to more luxurious items like sectionals and sleep sofas, we have leather furniture for everyone.

Take a quick trip into our showroom in Hampton Falls, NH or feel free to give us a call at 603.926.0555 for more information.

Leather Furniture Near Nashua NH

nashua nhNashua NH is widely recognized as one of the safest bedroom communities in New England and this town is conveniently located just a 45-minutes outside of Boston. The downtown area hosts an assortment of restaurants, bars and coffee shops while Mine Falls Park is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors. It brings the team at Currier’s Leather Furniture great pleasure to be providing high-quality leather furniture to Nashua NH.

At Currier’s we have no commission sales so you will never feel pressured when you walk through the door. Our expert sales team makes sure to listen to your needs and we’ll gladly help you find leather furniture that works into your budget. Whether you are seeking a large leather sectional to fit into your Nashua NH home or an oversized leather ottoman, we have a wide-range of furniture.

We are partnered with Turcotte Moving Company who can quickly deliver leather furniture to your Nashua home. These professional movers will fully wrap your furniture to ensure it remains in top-notch condition. Customer satisfaction is crucial to both Currier’s Leather Furniture and Turcotte Moving Company which is why we offer affordable prices and professional service.

If you’re looking for a sleek recliner from Ekornes, we can help you choose one that fits your needs. If you are seeking a larger leather sofa, come test out one of Bradington Young’s most comfortable leather sofas!

Stop into Currier’s Leather Furniture located in Hampton Falls NH, just a short commute from Nashua! We offer our furniture at 40-60% off everyday and we are tax free. Give us a call at 603.926.0555.


Leather Furniture Near Portsmouth NH

portsmouth new hampshirePortsmouth NH is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in New England as this coastal town offers some seriously unique amenities. While many gravitate towards the beaches, it’s the historical landmarks that really bring people back. In Portsmouth, visitors turn into residents and are often in need of new furniture during their relocation. Residents who have been in Portsmouth for years are seeking to add a bit more charm to their home’s interior.

Currier’s Leather Furniture proudly offers a wide selection of fine leather furniture to Portsmouth NH including sectionals, sleep sofas, sofas, ottomans and recliners. Unlike other furniture companies, we sell various leather grades, including high-end leather, at 40-60% off and it’s all tax-free.

You may have heard of Bradington Young, Fjords, American Leather, Ekornes and Classic Leather, and thought they may be way over budget. However, at our store, we always have your budget in mind and will find something to meet your needs. In our close-out room, you’ll find gorgeous pieces of leather furniture at extremely affordable prices. From the Bradington Young Cooper Chair & Ottoman to the Classic Leather Chesney Sectional, we have something for everyone.

If you need furniture near Portsmouth NH, give us a call today at 603.926.0555 or fill out our contact form.

Leather Furniture Near Rye NH

wallis stands state beach rye new hampshireCurrier’s Leather Furniture proudly offers high-end furniture to the area of Rye, NH. Homeowners are always updating their homes, and furniture is one of the main components to beautifying the interior. At Currier’s we ensure customer satisfaction and offer furniture at 40-60% off. On top of this, we have no sales tax so customers don’t need to panic about price.

If you are looking for a sleek design, the Ekornes Stressless Recliner is the lounger for you. This contemporary piece of furniture is the perfect chair for a night of kicking back. Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more traditional; take a look at our Bradington Young furniture. Get cozy on a mahogany chair and rest your feet up on the luxurious ottoman.

At Currier’s, we don’t limit ourselves to only a couple of brands or specific pieces of furniture. We have a wide array of high-end brands and types of leather furniture. From the classic sofa to the lounger, we have something to match everyone’s needs. So, how do we provide such low prices? Simple! We take the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price and take off 40-60% off.

Give us a call today at 603.926.0555 for leather furniture near Rye, NH!


Leather Furniture Near Salisbury NH

Situated in Merrimack County NH, Salisbury is an up-and-coming town with numerous outdoor activities such as the Tarbin Gardens, which boasts stunning walkways and tranquil landscapes. In the neighborhoods, you’ll notice beautiful homes with marvelous interiors and exteriors.

Currier’s Leather Furniture is proud to be offering our renowned leather furniture to the town of Salisbury NH. For over 32 years, we have been providing quality leather at 40-60% off every day in tax free New Hampshire. Whether you need a leather sleep sofa, leather sectional or leather recliner, we are your one stop shop for all your leather furniture needs.

We offer a vast assortment of high-quality leather furniture at low rates. In addition to our 40-60% off, we also take an additional 5% off select floor samples. Stop into our Hampton Falls store to explore our options and elite furniture such as Bradington Young, American Leather and Fjords.

Give us a call today at 603.926.0555 for leather furniture near Salisbury, NH.


Leather Furniture Near Seabrook NH

Seabrook_Station_behind_the_Blackwater_RiverKnown for its gorgeous beaches and many recreational areas, Seabrook is a breathtaking town nestled in the heart of Southern New England. While thousands of short-term and long-term visitors enjoy the small-town vibe of Seabrook, residents are enthralled by the tranquil atmosphere they experience during the offseason.

Currier’s Leather Furniture is ecstatic to be providing high-quality leather furniture to the homes of Seabrook NH. Many homeowners are sticking with the traditional look of their historic home by incorporating rich, chocolate brown leather furniture.

Sometimes they’re seeking to completely modernize their space with an Ekornes Stressless Recliner. Whichever style you prefer, Currier’s Leather Furniture can assist. There’s no need to panic when purchasing major brands like American Leather and Classic Leather, as our store sells our furniture at 40-60%!