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How We Price

How We Price

We have a simple philosophy at Currier’s Leather Furniture: Offer the largest selection of high-quality real leather furniture at the lowest price, every day.

Our pricing formula looks like this: We offer our real leather furniture at 40%-60% off depending on the furniture brand. If you select something from our sales floor, we give an additional discount– even if you can’t take your item home with you that day.

40% to 60% off & always extra discounts on floor samples

Why do we price this way? Easy, we’d rather give a great deal to all of our customers every day than over-charge some customers and give a good deal to others.

A note about Ekornes – unlike other leather furniture companies, Ekornes sets a minimum price rather than an MSRP. Stores are then allowed to sell Ekornes at any price above that, at Currier’s we always sell at the minimum price allowed by Ekornes. Check out our Close Out room for even deeper discounts on Ekornes.

Now, don’t confuse us with the stores that offer $499 bonded-leather sofas. We don’t carry low-quality bonded or split leather pieces like that. And, if we wanted to carry those “leather” sofas they’d be priced much lower, because, yes, even the low quality leather guys are over charging you.

We could talk all day about the shocked customers who call us while comparison shopping and realize we’re $800-$1500 below the competition’s sale price everyday. We welcome you to comparison shop, too. We know our prices are the best around on quality real leather furniture, plus we’re tax free. Come in or give us a call and find out for yourself.

Delivery Service

Currier’s Leather Furniture offers renowned leather furniture brands at 40-60% off everyday, additional discounts on floor sample and we’re TAX-FREE! In addition to our affordable prices and high-quality furniture, our delivery services makes purchasing furniture simple, especially if you’ve traveled from Boston, Northern MA, or Maine.

Turcotte Moving & Storage Services

Turcotte Moving & Storage has been working with Currier’s Leather Furniture for many years, providing customers with unparalleled moving services in Southern NH. With over 24 years of experience moving all shapes and sizes of leather furniture to various locations, this company has truly surpassed all expectations of a traditional moving company.

Unlike other companies, the movers at Turcotte Moving & Storage make sure to bring furniture into the home, rather than leave it at the door. This team of expert movers fully wraps your furniture to ensure it remains intact during the commute to your home. Regardless of the size of the loveseat, sectional, recliner or sofa, these movers find a way to bring the furniture into your home while maintaining its pristine condition.

Currier’s never pressures potential customers when they walk through the door and Turcotte Moving & Storage shares that mentality. These movers will discuss the entire process so you can feel confident that your new furniture will make it safely to your home. Whether you live in the city or a rural area, Turcotte Moving & Storage is ready to drive to any location.

In addition to wrapping your furniture and providing cost-effective delivery solutions, Turcotte Moving & Storage pads doors and floors to protect both your furniture and your home.

For more information regarding our leather furniture and moving services, contact Currier’s Leather Furniture at 603.926.0555.

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